Vlog: Hiking and Biking with my local senpais on Awashima Island

Vlog: Hiking and Biking with my local senpais on Awashima Island


Silver Penguin+ Members: Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

単語 (Vocabulary)

(けい)トラ(とら) ((けい)トラックの(りゃく)) - Kei truck (short for "light truck")
タヌキ - Raccoon dog
農協(のうきょう) (農業(のうぎょう)協同(きょうどう)組合(くみあい)(りゃく)) - Agricultural cooperative (short for "agricultural cooperative association")
ママチャリ - Mom's bicycle (a general-purpose bicycle)
絶景(ぜっけい) - Breathtaking/scenic view
養殖(ようしょく) - Aquaculture/farming (especially of seafood)
牡蠣(かき) - Oyster
地蔵(じぞう)さん - Jizo (a type of Buddhist statue often seen in Japan)
流木(りゅうぼく) - Driftwood
船員(せんいん) - Sailor/crew member
多肉(たにく)植物(しょくぶつ) - Succulent plant
(きん)のなる() (カネノナルキ) - Money tree (also called "Pachira")
商店(しょうてん) - Shop/store
東屋(あずまや) (休憩所(きゅうけいしょ)やシェルター) - Arbor/pavilion (a kind of resting place or shelter)
360() - 360 degrees

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever been to a remote island like "Awashima"? What was your experience like?

What's the most interesting mode of transportation you've tried while traveling?

If you were to live in Japan, would you prefer to drive a regular car or a kei car (compact car)? Why?

What are your thoughts on public art or installations in small towns and rural areas?

Kei Car (軽自動車: Kei jidōsha)


Kei Cars and Kei Trucks:

The Kei car, literally "light automobile", is a Japanese category of small vehicles that includes both passenger cars and small pickup trucks and vans. These vehicles are characterized by their small size and engine displacement. Specifically:

They have an engine displacement of 660cc or less.
Their dimensions must not exceed 3.4m in length, 1.48m in width, and 2m in height.
They typically have yellow number plates to distinguish them from regular cars.
One of the significant advantages of the Kei car is the lower tax and insurance costs compared to regular cars. Furthermore, they are well-suited for driving on narrow roads and in urban areas, and they typically offer excellent fuel efficiency.

Kei Truck (軽トラ: Kei tora) – Short for 軽トラック (Kei torakku)

The Kei truck, or "light truck", adheres to the same specifications as the Kei car but is designed primarily for commercial and agricultural uses. These small trucks often have a flat bed at the back and are particularly popular in both urban settings, where their small size is beneficial for tight streets, and in the countryside, where farmers use them. The primary appeal of the Kei truck is its maneuverability and ease of parking even in tight spaces.

Both types of vehicles are very popular in Japan due to the economic benefits, such as reduced tax rates and other cost-saving measures.

Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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