Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Informal lesson

I enjoy talking with all level students. I’d like to hear you talk in Japanese. My methods of helping my students are not like a typical classroom style. In a classroom, you learn more grammar and structure than you are able to actually practice the language, such as speaking where you have very limited time to do so. When we meet you'll be able to speak at least 70-80% of the time and I'll be speaking 20-30% of the time to help you with correction, asking questions, etc. Through your speaking practice and other exercises, you will be able to improve your grammar through these methods to improve all aspects of your Japanese!

Tips +

Every student is unique so I’ll ask you what you would like to practice before the lesson. Feel free to bring your own questions, news articles, and topics, etc. Other than that I’ll be listening to you carefully and treat our lessons as if we are two good friends having a face to face conversation :)

Informal lessons available for *Beginner to Advanced students! *Definition of Beginner here is a student who can (at least try) speak over 30% Japanese in the class.

Text Book lesson

I recommend this for those who struggle with spontaneous free-flowing conversations. Although free-flowing conversations are my favorite (and one day they’ll be yours too), firstly you need the fundamentals so you are not stuck using the same phrases, topics, and ideas when you speak. By working together through textbooks we can help you expand your vocabulary while building the fundamental grammar needed to progress to free conversation.

We can Use GENKI, QUARTET and TOBIRA and more!


To make sure you get the most out of your lessons it is important to learn Hiragana before we begin our lessons. For this reason, I work with students who have previously committed to learning Hiragana prior to our lessons.

I try to speak natural Japanese. Textbooks don’t express all the features of the language. Even though they are excellent textbooks. On these points, I'll explain clearly and carefully day-to-day Japanese. You are a Japanese learner and I’m here to help you with your Japanese. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and to repeat what I said as many times as you need.

Dates and Fees

The lesson hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Japan time. Availability varies by appointment, but a rough schedule can be found in the calendar below.

25 minute lesson: US$20
55 minute lesson: US$35

Questions before booking

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