Daily Routines and Household Chores with YUYU #222

Daily Routines and Household Chores with YUYU #222
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Join us for a lighter episode as we chat with YUYU about daily routines and household chores. Discover his experiences with seasonal clothing changes in Mexico, the ins and outs of his household tasks, and cultural differences in home maintenance. A fun and insightful discussion awaits!

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単語 (Vocabulary)

  • 家事 (かじ) - Housework
  • 洗い物 (あらいもの) - Washing dishes
  • 洗濯機 (せんたくき) - Washing machine
  • 乾燥機 (かんそうき) - Dryer
  • お手伝いさん (おてつだいさん) - Housekeeper
  • 食洗機 / 食器洗い機 (しょくせんき / しょっきあらいき) - Dishwasher
  • 掃除機 (そうじき) - Vacuum cleaner
  • 家事代行 (かじだいこう) - Housekeeping service
  • 清掃 (せいそう) - Cleaning

掃除用具・動作関連 (Cleaning Tools and Actions)

  • 雑巾 (ぞうきん) - Cleaning cloth
  • ホウキ - Broom
  • モップ - Mop
  • バケツ - Bucket
  • 絞る (しぼる) - To squeeze
  • 柄 (え) - Handle
  • 家電 (かでん) - Home appliances
  • 干す (ほす) - To dry (clothes)
  • 時短 / 時間短縮 (じたん / じかんたんしゅく) - Time-saving
  • コインランドリー - Laundromat
  • 衣替え (ころもがえ) - Seasonal change of clothing
  • 最低気温 (さいていきおん) - Lowest temperature
  • 季節感 (きせつかん) - Sense of the season
  • 乾季 (かんき) - Dry season
  • 砂ぼこり (すなぼこり) - Dust
  • 湿気 (しっけ) - Humidity
  • おつまみ - Snack (to accompany drinks)
  • 調味料 (ちょうみりょう) - Seasoning
  • 食材店 (しょくざいてん) - Grocery store
  • 乾麺 (かんめん) - Dried noodles
  • 束 (たば) - Bundle
  • 光熱費 (こうねつひ) - Utility costs
  • 冷房 (れいぼう) - Air conditioning
  • 電気代 (でんきだい) - Electricity bill
  • ガス代 (ガスだい) - Gas bill
  • 水道代 (すいどうだい) - Water bill
  • 年額 (ねんがく) - Annual cost
  • 使い放題 (つかいほうだい) - Unlimited use
  • 定額 (ていがく) - Fixed rate

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Do you change your wardrobe with the changing seasons? If so, when and how do you do it?

What is your favorite household chore? Please explain why.

What household chore do you find the most difficult? How do you manage it?

Have you ever used a dryer? What are the pros and cons of using one?

What do you think is the most useful household appliance for doing chores?

How do the utility costs in your country compare to those in Japan or Mexico?

English Summary

View the English summary of this episode

In this engaging episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming YUYU from "YUYU' no nihongo Podcast" to discuss various aspects of daily routines and household chores. This conversation provides valuable insights not only for Japanese learners but also for anyone interested in cultural differences and practical living tips.

Key Highlights:

  1. Seasonal Clothing Changes (衣替え)
    • YUYU shared his experiences with seasonal wardrobe changes in Guadalajara, Mexico. Despite the hot daytime temperatures, significant temperature drops at night make wardrobe adjustments necessary. This contrasts with the practices in Japan, where seasonal clothing changes are more structured.
  2. Household Chores Preferences
    • We delved into YUYU's daily household routines, including dishwashing, cooking, and cleaning. YUYU enjoys kitchen-related tasks, especially cooking, and he shared his methods for managing other chores efficiently.
  3. Use of Household Appliances
    • YUYU discussed his use of a dryer for convenience and time-saving, highlighting the differences in appliance usage between Mexico and Japan. The conversation touched on the pros and cons of using a dryer and the cultural perceptions of household chores.
  4. Utility Costs Comparison
    • The episode provided a comparative look at utility costs in Japan and Mexico. YUYU explained how the lower utility costs in Mexico impact his household management, making it easier to use appliances like dryers and air conditioners more freely.
  5. Cultural Insights on Cleaning
    • We explored the cultural differences in cleaning practices, including the use of brooms and mops in Mexico versus vacuum cleaners in Japan. YUYU also shared his experiences with hiring housekeepers, a common practice in Mexico that differs from the norms in Japan.
  6. Favorite and Least Favorite Chores
    • YUYU revealed his favorite household chore is cooking, while he finds tasks like detailed cleaning more challenging. This personal insight adds a relatable touch to the discussion, making it easier for listeners to connect with their own household routines.


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