The Intricacies of Japanese Dialects: A Deep Dive into Sanuki-ben #127

The Intricacies of Japanese Dialects: A Deep Dive into Sanuki-ben #127
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私の方言について。Switching between Standard Japanese and Regional dialect is A Skill. Explore the nuances of regional Japanese dialects as I share insights into Sanuki-ben, a dialect from Kagawa in Shikoku. Learn how dialects shape communication and identity in Japan.

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単語 (Vocabulary)

方言(ほうげん)- Dialect
標準語(ひょうじゅんご)- Standard language
讃岐弁(さぬきべん)- Sanuki dialect
イントネーション(いんとねーしょん)- Intonation
変化(へんか)- Change
言葉(ことば)- Language
地域(ちいき)- Region
喋る(しゃべる)- To speak
学ぶ(まなぶ)- To learn
違い(ちがい)- Difference
意識(いしき)- Awareness
仲良くなる(なかよくなる)- To become close
表現(ひょうげん)- Expression

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

What are the characteristics of the dialects in your country?

Do you pay attention to the intonation of words?

Are you interested in Japanese dialects? Which region?

Do you think communication changes when dialects are used?

If you live in Japan, how do you learn the local language?

My Opinion: 日本人なら標準語が理解できますが、全員が標準語のアクセントを身に着けているとは限りません。 上京(地方から東京に引っ越した人)した人は自然と「標準語」を意識して生活してると思います。 外国人が日本語を勉強するなら標準語がいいと思います。 でも日本で生活するのであれば、標準語+その地方の方言を使った方が地元の人と仲良くなれます。While people from Japan can understand the standard language, not everyone has mastered the standard accent. Those who move to Tokyo from other regions, a process known as '上京 Jyokyo', naturally become more conscious of speaking in the standard language in their daily lives. For foreigners learning Japanese, it's advisable to start with the standard language. However, if you're planning to live in Japan, learning both the standard language and the local dialect can help you build closer relationships with the locals.

Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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