Exploring Japanese Hospitality and Perfection #149

Exploring Japanese Hospitality and Perfection #149
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単語 (Vocabulary)

自慢(じまん) bragging
一望(いちぼう)できる  You can see a whole view
目印(めじるし) mark; sign
地図(ちず) map
(まよ)う get lost
()() float
座布団(ざぶとん) flat floor cushion
()()たりばったり haphazard
窮屈(きゅうくつ) cramped
要素(ようそ) element
(なが)れに()(まか)せる go with the flow

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

What kind of preparations do you make when you go on outdoor activities with friends, especially for light hiking or picnics?

How do you feel when you are with someone who is very well-prepared? Do you consider yourself to be a person who is meticulous in planning?

Have you ever been puzzled or felt unsure due to differences in planning and preparation methods with others around you?

How far in advance do you plan when organizing plans with friends? How detailed are your plans? Consider a scenario where you're planning to go somewhere after work on a weekday.

Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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