Freelance to Startup: My Bilingual Work Journey #207

Freelance to Startup: My Bilingual Work Journey #207

アメリカのスタートアップで働いています!Explore a unique transition from freelancing to contracting with a U.S. startup. Discover the blend of autonomy, teamwork, and the fresh challenges of working in a bilingual environment.

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単語 (Vocabulary)

フリーランス - Freelance
個人事業主 (こじんじぎょうぬし) - Sole Proprietor
会社員 (かいしゃいん) - Company Employee
契約 (けいやく) - Contract
上司 (じょうし) - Supervisor/boss
同僚 (どうりょう) - Colleague
締め切り (しめきり) - Deadline
社風 (しゃふう) - Company Culture
風通しがいい (かぜとおしがいい) - Open Atmosphere
意見 (いけん) - Opinion
指示 (しじ) - Instruction
成長 (せいちょう) - Growth
励まし合う (はげましあう) - Encourage Each Other
足を引っ張る (あしをひっぱる) - Hold Someone Back
組織 (そしき) - Organization

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Do you think freelancing or full-time employment suits you better?

What kind of communication do you think is necessary to build good relationships with colleagues?

What are your thoughts on the appeal of working at a startup?

Would you like to work using a foreign language? Please explain your reasons.

What do you think are the keys to adapting to a new workplace culture?

Sticking Out? The Japanese Wisdom of Blending In

"出る杭は打たれる" (Deru kui wa utareru), or "The stake that sticks out gets hammered down," is a Japanese proverb emphasizing conformity and the importance of not standing out too much. This principle was vividly illustrated by a story shared by a former colleague of mine, a Japanese-born, American-raised university intern. He recounted how his mother advised him to be mindful of his behavior in Japan, cautioning him with the proverb as a reminder of the cultural expectation to blend in rather than stand out.

This story underscores the deep-rooted value placed on harmony and collective well-being in Japanese culture, contrasting sharply with more individualistic societies. It serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between maintaining one's individuality and adhering to societal norms. As the world becomes more interconnected, understanding and navigating these cultural nuances becomes crucial, inviting us to reflect on how we can respect and adapt to different cultural expectations while staying true to ourselves.

Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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