I Slept on my neck wrong

Words and phrases that sometimes find you in daily life but don't appear in textbooks very often. 寝違えちゃって首が痛いんですよ〜。 笑

単語 (Vocabulary)

Painful - (いた)
Neck - (くび)
Sleep in a bad position - 寝違(ねちが)
Unnatural - 不自然(ふしぜん)
Posture - 姿勢(しせい)
Experience - 経験(けいけん)
Cold - (さむ)
Hot - (あつ)
Sleepy - (ねむ)
Central America - 中央(ちゅうおう)アメリカ
Itchy - (かゆ)
Mosquito - ()
Shoulder - (かた)
Heal - (なお)
Be careful - ()をつける

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

"Have you ever slept in a bad position? How did you deal with it?"

"How do you feel about the cold and heat in Japan? How do you express it?"

"When you get bitten by a mosquito, do you bear with it or end up scratching it?"

"How do you deal with it when your neck or shoulders hurt?"

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