Why is Japan obsessed with punctuality? What if you are late?

Why is Japan obsessed with punctuality? What if you are late?
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時間に厳しい日本。もし時間に遅れたらどうなると思いますか?時間に関する表現を学びながら会話のリスニング力も鍛えましょう!This discussion delved into how deeply ingrained punctuality is in Japanese culture. In Japan, being on time often means arriving a few minutes early.

1. 時間に関する表現

時間(じかん)(まも)る: To honor/observe time
時間(じかん)(まも)らない: To not honor/observe time
ギリギリまで: Until the last minute
ゴロゴロする: To lounge around
時間(じかん)にルーズ: Loose about time
時間(じかん)(どお)り: On time

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

"In Japan, it's common to gather '5 minutes before the meeting time', what about in your country? What do you think is the reason for this?"

"Public transportation in Japan is famous for its punctuality. How has your experience been with public transportation in other countries you've visited?"

"What do you think about the Japanese custom of making announcements even when the train is only a few minutes late?"

"What do you think about the Japanese value that being late can lead to a loss of trust?"

"How do you feel about the fast walking and fast talking in big cities? What kind of impact do you think this has on people's behavior and personality?"

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