Japanese Recycle Shops: A Unique Approach to Secondhand Shopping #194

Japanese Recycle Shops: A Unique Approach to Secondhand Shopping #194
Photo by luis otto / Unsplash

日本の新しい観光地やお土産スポットになるかも?Join us as we examine the high quality and distinctive presentation of items in Japanese recycle shops, and see how they differ from those abroad. We'll also cover how selling items to these shops contrasts with donation habits elsewhere!

単語 (Vocabulary)

リサイクルショップ - Recycle Shop
家事代行 (かじだいこう) - Housekeeping Services
状態 (じょうたい) - Condition
洋服 (ようふく) - Clothes
家具 (かぐ) - Furniture
家電 (かでん) - Home Appliances
雑貨 (ざっか) - Miscellaneous Goods
試着室 (しちゃくしつ) - Fitting Room
査定 (さてい) - Appraisal
身分証明書 (みぶんしょうめいしょ) - ID Card
フリマアプリ - Flea Market App
査定金額 (さていきんがく) - Appraisal Value

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever used a recycle shop in Japan? Did you buy anything?

Which do you think is more convenient, flea market apps or recycle shops?

When choosing clothes, which do you consider most important: design, brand, or size?

Do you think a Japanese-style recycle shop would be popular in your country?

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