Experiencing a Cold in Japan: Vocabulary and Personal Insights #221

In this episode, we explore the experience of catching a cold in Japan. I'll share my recent bout with a cold, discuss its causes, and introduce useful vocabulary for expressing cold and illness symptoms in Japanese. Stay healthy and learn with us!

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風邪の症状 (Symptoms of a Cold)

日本語 English
ねつがある To have a fever
ねつが出る To develop a fever
せきが出る To have a cough
鼻水はなみずが出る To have a runny nose
くしゃみが出る To sneeze
たんが出る To cough up phlegm

身体の症状 (Physical Symptoms)

日本語 English
からだがだるい To feel sluggish/weary
あたまが痛い To have a headache
頭痛ずつうがする To have a headache
下痢げりになる To have diarrhea
便秘べんぴになる To become constipated

その他の症状 (Other Symptoms)

日本語 English
扁桃腺へんとうせんれる To have swollen tonsils
体調たいちょうが悪い To feel unwell
具合ぐあいが悪い To feel sick
体調たいちょうくず To lose one’s health
体調不良たいちょうふりょう Poor physical condition
ものもらいができる To have a sty
乾燥かんそうする To have dry eyes
からだおも To feel heavy/tired

単語 (Vocabulary)

Have you caught a cold recently? What symptoms have you experienced with previous colds?

When you think you have caught a cold, what is the first thing you do?

Do you think work and stress affect your health? Have you had any experiences with this?

What do you think about the importance of taking breaks? Do you sometimes find it difficult to rest?

Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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