Japan's Relaxation Havens by Locals #151

長期の日本旅行で疲れたら立ち寄って欲しいスポット2選 Relax in style in Japan: Visit a cozy book cafe & tech-savvy hot spring with wristband payment & rock baths. Unwind at these must-visit spots.


()たされる be fulfilled
購入(こうにゅう)(まえ) Before purchase
コンセント outlet
()()み reading while standing
話題(わだい)(ほん) most-talked-about books
雑音(ざつおん) noise
時間(じかん)制限(せいげん) time limit
遊園地(ゆうえんち) amusement park
炭酸(たんさん)風呂(ぶろ) carbonated bath
成分(せいぶん) constituent
(いわ) rock
追加(ついか)料金(りょうきん) additional fees

This is used when people talk about it a lot and bring up the topic.

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