Detailed Breakdown of Our Lesson Timelines

Detailed Breakdown of Our Lesson Timelines

To make the most of your learning experience, please choose from the following customized session styles. Each style is tailored to different learning needs, offering the best support for your language learning journey.

Starter Kit Session: Ideal if you're solidifying the basics of the language or not yet confident in conversational settings. Start with a relaxed warm-up using everyday conversation, followed by efficient learning based on textbook materials.

Chat & Learn Session: Perfect for those who are getting comfortable expressing themselves in the language. Enjoy informal conversations using topics from my podcast or selected articles, enhancing your language skills in an engaging way.

Freestyle Talk Session: Suited for those with advanced language skills and a desire for free-flowing discussion. Engage in natural conversations on any topic, without specific constraints, to refine your fluency.

Please choose the style that best matches your learning goals and interests. If you're unsure or have any questions, feel free to reach out. Let's work together to create the perfect learning plan for you!

Starter Kit Session

Online Lesson Timeline

Who Chooses This: Ideal for beginners to intermediate learners who are yet to gain confidence in free conversation or small talk. It is especially suited for those who want to strengthen their foundational knowledge of the language by working together on practice sections from textbooks.

Description: This lesson format begins with a brief warm-up using everyday conversation, creating a comfortable learning environment. It then transitions to a structured study based on textbook materials. Recommended for students who prefer a systematic approach to language learning, starting with light conversation before diving into more structured educational content.

Chat & Learn Session

Who Chooses This: The most popular choice among students. It is preferred by intermediate to advanced learners who have become comfortable conversing in the language and expressing themselves in their own words.

Description: This lesson format includes a main lesson that is more informal. Topics are often chosen from my podcast episodes for discussion, or students can bring interesting news articles to read and discuss together, or even play language games. If students wish to bring their own articles or games, sharing them via Google Docs or messaging 24 hours before the lesson is highly appreciated. This approach allows for a more dynamic and engaging learning experience, enhancing language skills through practical application.

Freestyle Talk Session

Who Chooses This: Tailored for students who want to focus purely on output, typically those who have already built a comfortable conversational relationship with me or those with a high level of language proficiency.

Description: This session is all about engaging in free-flowing conversation on any topic. While the focus is on conversation, occasional corrections are made for unnatural expressions or incorrect word usage. This format is perfect for those who want to transcend language barriers and share their hobbies and knowledge in the language. It is a great opportunity for mutual learning, as I often learn a lot from the students as well!

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