Living Abroad: A Dream or Reality #120

外国に住んでみてよかった!自分の人生にとって必要な経験でした。Do you want to live abroad (maybe in Japan) even though you know you will face difficulties?Ever dreamt of living abroad? Join us as we explore the allure and challenges of residing in a foreign country.

Silver Penguin+ Members:Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

単語 (Vocabulary)

海外 (かいがい) - Overseas
住む (すむ) - To live
夢 (ゆめ) - Dream
移住 (いじゅう) - Emigrate
挑戦 (ちょうせん) - Challenge
経験 (けいけん) - Experience
文化 (ぶんか) - Culture
刺激的 (しげきてき) - Stimulating, Exciting
快適 (かいてき) - Comfortable
ワーキングホリデー - Working Holiday
ビザ (びざ) - Visa
憧れ (あこがれ) - Longing, Aspiration

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever lived abroad? Would you like to live abroad?

What kind of experiences do you think one can have while living abroad?

If you were in your twenties, would you like to try a working holiday?

Is it better to live abroad when you are young, or would you prefer to do it after retirement?

正しくはピューディパイ PewDiePieさんです。

Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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