Vlog: Mt. Daisen Adventure in Tottori: Nature's Beauty & Lessons Learned

Vlog: Mt. Daisen Adventure in Tottori: Nature's Beauty & Lessons Learned

鳥取県の大山に登ってきました。From nature's unpredictable challenges to heartwarming interactions with locals, discover the multifaceted beauty of Japan's hidden gems.

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Rising to an impressive elevation of 5,610 feet (or 1,709 meters), Mt. Daisen is the highest mountain in the Chugoku region of western Japan. Located in Tottori Prefecture.

単語 (Vocabulary)

自然(しぜん)脅威(きょうい) - Threat of nature
強風(きょうふう) - Strong wind
(おさ)まる - Calm down / Settle down
後悔(こうかい) - Regret
反省(はんせい) - Reflection / Repentance
軽装(けいそう) - Lightly dressed
防水(ぼうすい)機能(きのう) - Waterproof function
(やま)()めてました - Underestimated the mountain
免疫(めんえき) - Immunity
自業自得(じごうじとく) - You reap what you sow
万全(ばんぜん)準備(じゅんび) - Full preparation
参道(さんどう) - Approach to a shrine

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever truly felt the threat of nature?

Have you ever had regrets from a trip or outdoor adventure?

What gear or clothing that you own would you highly recommend for outdoor activities?

Have you ever been guided by a local and made any special discoveries?

Of all the places you've visited, where did you find the most beautiful natural scenery?

Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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