Muscle Bars in Japan: A Unique Night Out Experience! #190

今、人気沸騰中のマッスルバーに潜入してきました!楽しい経験をシェアします。This time, we ventured into a bar themed around muscles and we’re here to share the experience💪

For Mature Audiences Only. This episode contains descriptions and discussions that may not be suitable for younger listeners.
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単語 (Vocabulary)

ムキムキ - Muscular, Buff
上半身(じょうはんしん)(はだか) - Topless
語尾(ごび) - Sentence ending, suffix
接客(せっきゃく) - Customer service
プロテイン - Protein shake; powder
ダンベル- Dumbbell
()放題(ほうだい) - All-you-can-drink
(とお)し - Appetizer, Table charge dish
上腕(じょうわん)二頭筋(にとうきん) - Biceps
腕立(うでた)()せ - Push-ups
注射器(ちゅうしゃき) - Syringe
動物(どうぶつ)(えん) - Zoo
姫様(ひめさま)()っこ - Princess carry

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Would you like to visit a Muscle Bar? Why or why not?

Do you have any unique bars or cafes in your area? What makes them unique?

Pikachu often ends its sentences with "Pika". Do you have a favorite sentence ending?

How do you feel about the benefits and drawbacks of experiential activities like traveling, concerts, or workshops?

What social or cultural background do you think exists behind such unique services being offered?

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Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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