Ottoman: Juggling Furniture and Language

Ottoman: Juggling Furniture and Language
Photo by King Lip / Unsplash

面白いと思ったカタカナについて。I explain why it sounds funny to Japanese speakers

単語 (Vocabulary)

()()し - Moving
バタバタしている - Being busy
(はし)(まわ)る - To run around
オノマトペ - Onomatopoeia
家具(かぐ) - Furniture
椅子(いす) - Chair
(つくえ) - Desk
ソファー - Sofa
オットマン - Ottoman
(あし)/(あし)- Foot/Leg
足置(あしお)椅子(いす) - Footrest chair
(おっと) - Husband
(つよ)い - Strong
新居(しんきょ) - New house
冗談(じょうだん) - Joke

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

"What is your favorite piece of furniture? Please also tell me why."

"What is a new Japanese word you've learned recently?"

"How do you think foreign words like "ottoman" impact Japanese?"

"What would your ideal new home be like? What would you need in that new home?"

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