Saizeriya 101: A Guide to Japan's Favorite Casual Dining #199

サイゼリヤで和風イタリアンを試してみましょう!なんでこんなに人気なんでしょうか? Explore Saizeriya, Japan's unique eatery blending Japanese-Italian cuisine, culture, and language in a savory journey!

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What is Wafū Italian?

Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine, commonly known in Japan as 'Wafū Italian,' is a culinary style that melds traditional Italian dishes with Japanese flavors and ingredients. This fusion creates a dining experience that is both uniquely innovative and comfortably familiar.

The key characteristics of this cuisine include integrating Japanese ingredients such as tarako (salted cod roe), shiso (perilla leaves), various Japanese mushrooms, miso, and soy sauce into classic Italian dishes like pasta, risotto, and pizza

Iconic Japanese-Italian Dishes

たらこスパゲティ (Tarako Spaghetti)

Tarako spaghetti is a popular fusion dish that combines slightly salty tarako (cod roe) with spaghetti. This dish can be prepared in various ways, sometimes creamy, and often simply seasoned with tarako, garnished with nori (seaweed) or shiso (perilla) leaves, providing a unique blend of Italian and Japanese flavors.

ドリア (Doria)

Doria is a popular Japanese-style gratin dish. It typically consists of buttered rice topped with a creamy béchamel sauce and various toppings such as seafood, chicken, or vegetables, sprinkled with cheese and baked until golden. Originating in Japan and inspired by Western cuisine, Doria is a comforting and hearty meal. Its popularity is evident as it is widely available in supermarkets as a frozen food item and in convenience stores, making it a staple in both home cooking and quick meals.




・玉ねぎのズッパ:Onion Soup, Zuppa
・モッツァレラのサラダ:Mozzarella Salad
バッファローモッツァレラチーズ:buffalo mozzarella cheese
・辛味チキン:Spicy Grilled Chicken
・マルゲリータ:Pizza Margherita
・ミラノ風ドリア:Meat Sauce Doria
・コーンクリームスープ:Creamy Corn Soup

単語 (Vocabulary)


バゲット - Baguette
モッツァレラ - Mozzarella
サラダ- Salad
ピザ - Pizza
ドリア - Doria (rice gratin)
タラコ - Cod roe
パスタ - Pasta
明太子 (めんたいこ) - Spicy cod roe
いくら - Salmon roe
ファミレス (famiresu) - Short for "family restaurant"
シェア - Share
コスパ - Cost performance

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever been to a family restaurant in Japan? Where did you go?

What dish are you most curious about on the Saizeriya menu?

How do you choose a place to eat when you are hungry during a trip?

Have you ever eaten fish roe dishes like tarako or mentaiko? What were they like?

Can you tell me the differences between family restaurants in your country and those in Japan?

Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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