The Dark Side of Tokyo

The Dark Side of Tokyo
Photo by Lex Sirikiat / Unsplash

もっと生きやすい世の中になりますように。Explore the lesser-known aspects of Tokyo, from personal injury accidents to societal issues. Gain insight into the city's challenges and the impact on daily life for its residents.

Content Warning: This blog contains discussions of personal injury accidents and sensitive topics that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

人身(じんしん)事故(じこ) - personal injury accident
ほぼ - almost, nearly
イライラする - to get irritated, annoyed
(おく)れる - to be late
自殺(じさつ) - suicide
自殺(じさつ)(りつ) - suicide rate
社会的(しゃかいてき)制裁(せいさい) - social sanctions, punishment
()()自殺(じさつ) - suicide by jumping
事件(じけん) - incident, case
(おそ)われる - to be attacked
(ねら)われる - to be targeted
勘違(かんちが)い - misunderstanding

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