Why We Travel: Embracing the Unknown #165

Why We Travel: Embracing the Unknown #165

どうして旅行するんだろう?深く考えたことはありますか。そして旅行先はどうやって決めますか?How do you choose your travel destinations? This post explores the viewpoints of those passionate about travel, adventure, and detailed planning.

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言葉の背景 (Word Background)

Basic Cardinal Directions in Japanese

North - 北 (きた, kita)
East - 東 (ひがし, higashi)
South - 南 (みなみ, minami)
West - 西 (にし, nishi)
These directions are commonly used when describing locations or areas, such as indicating a position on a map or specifying the direction of one place in relation to another.

Combinations of Cardinal Directions in Japanese

Northeast - 北東 (ほくとう, hokutou)
Northwest - 北西 (ほくせい, hokusei)
Southeast - 南東 (なんとう, nantou)
Southwest - 南西 (なんせい, nansei)
These combinations are helpful for indicating more specific directions. For example, you can use them in sentences like, "東京は日本の東部にあります。Tokyo is in the eastern part of Japan" or "さゆりさんの家は駅から南東方向にあります。Sayuri's house is to the southeast of the station."

Why Learning Cardinal Directions is Important

Knowledge of cardinal directions will be useful in understanding place names and locations as well. For instance, the Kanto region (関東地方, かんとうちほう) refers to an area located in eastern Japan.

By memorizing these direction words, you'll be able to better navigate your way around Japan and enhance your understanding of the language.

単語 (Vocabulary)

なんとなく - Somehow
海外旅行(かいがいりょこう) - Overseas trip
好奇心(こうきしん) - Curiosity
結果的(けっかてき)に - As a result
冒険(ぼうけん) - Adventure
つらい - Tough, difficult
(おも)() - Memories
(ぎり) - Fog, mist
山奥(やまおく) - Deep in the mountains
計画(けいかく) - Plan, planning
事前(じぜん)に - In advance
()める - To decide
国境(こっきょう) - Border, boundary


Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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