Japan Through a Nomad's Lens: Work and Wander #203

Japan Through a Nomad's Lens: Work and Wander #203

日本でのデジタルノマドについて。他のデジタルノマド達に会ってきました。Dive into the world of digital nomads in Japan! Join me in exploring tips, meetups, and cultural insights from my experiences in cities like Osaka, where work meets wanderlust!

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単語 (Vocabulary)

デジタルノマド - Digital Nomad
職業 (しょくぎょう) - Profession/Occupation
働く (はたらく) - To work
集中 (しゅうちゅう) - Concentration/Focus
セキュリティ - Security
フリーWi-Fi (ふりーWi-Fi) - Free Wi-Fi
VPN (ぶいぴーえぬ) - VPN
モバイル回線 (かいせん) - Mobile network
速くて安全 (はやくてあんぜん) - Fast and secure
コワーキング- Coworking
文化交流 (ぶんかこうりゅう) - Cultural exchange
割り勘 (わりかん) - Splitting the bill/Dutch treat
滞在期間 (たいざいきかん) - Stay period
態度 (たいど) - Attitude
醍醐味 (だいごみ) - Essence/Real pleasure

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Do you know the term "digital nomad"? Please try to explain it to a Japanese person who is not familiar with the term.

Would you like to work in cafes or coworking spaces? Or would you prefer not to? Please explain your reasons.

If you were to be a digital nomad in Japan, which city would you prefer?

Do you think it's possible to maintain a good balance between work and travel with this lifestyle? Or, if you know any methods to balance them well, please share.

What do you think is the most important thing for a digital nomad? (For example: Internet speed, comfort of the workspace, interaction with people, etc.)

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Introducing My New Digital Nomad Friend

Max first sent me this blurry photo as a joke, which really caught me off guard. Being very Japanese, I responded with, 'That's amazing, I love it!' After that, he sent these two gorgeous pictures. While these portraits are lovely, his real specialty is landscape photography. For anyone interested in stunning landscape photos, I highly recommend checking out Max's website. He's a Frenchman, so the website is in French, but he speaks English quite fluently too!


Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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