AI in Everyday Life: How I Use ChatGPT #197

AI in Everyday Life: How I Use ChatGPT #197

私の個人的なChatGPTの使い方を紹介します!これからの可能性について。使っている人と使っていない人の温度差や慎重さにも触れます。Exploring the personalized use of ChatGPT and its various applications in daily life. It focuses on the differing levels of AI adoption in personal and business contexts, detailing how AI is transforming our everyday experiences.

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単語 (Vocabulary)

生成AI (せいせいエーアイ) - Generative AI
画像を生成する (がぞうをせいせいする) - Generate images
開発 (かいはつ) - Development
対話型 (たいわがた) - Conversational
課金 (かきん) - In-app purchase
有料 (ゆうりょう) - Paid
提案 (ていあん) - Proposal, Suggestion
カスタム- Customize
技術的 (ぎじゅつてき) - Technical
環境 (かんきょう) - Environment
ブラウザ - Browser
コーディング - Coding
アシスタント - Assistant
利用 (りよう) - Use, Utilization
企業 (きぎょう) - Company, Enterprise
活用 (かつよう) - Utilization, Application
進化 (しんか) - Evolution
可能性 (かのうせい) - Possibility

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

What kind of custom AI assistant would you like to create?

Have you noticed any differences in the adoption and use of new technologies like AI across different cultures?

What ethical concerns do you think arise as AI becomes more integrated into our lives?

How do you think human interactions will change as the use of AI becomes more widespread?

Have you had any unique experiences that made you laugh while using virtual assistants or chatbots?

GPT-4 for Japanese: AI or Teacher?
AIさん達と話してみました。みなさんは人間とAI,どっちと会話したいですか?I’ve tried Japanese conversation using the latest AI technology, GPT-4, and I’m testing its response speed and the naturalness of the conversation.

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Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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