Cycling Lingo 101: Essential Japanese Phrases for Bike Enthusiasts

Cycling Lingo 101: Essential Japanese Phrases for Bike Enthusiasts

日本で自転車に乗る人が覚えるべき日本語101 Covering expressions for cycling actions, road and wind conditions, terrain types, directions, and group ride communications, it offers essential language tools for bike enthusiasts in Japan.

Silver Penguin+ Members: Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

I had planned to make a super cool wide-angle video, but my 360-degree camera broke, so I haven't been able to create the video due to ongoing repairs. As soon as it's ready, I plan to upload the video to YouTube and here. In the meantime, please enjoy the audio and transcripts only. Thank you for your patient!



Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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