The Concept of '縁(En)' in Japanese Culture #171

教科書では見かけない’ご縁’という言葉の深い意味や使い方について探っていきます。Explore the fascinating concept of 'Goen' in this episode, a term deeply intertwined with Japanese culture and language, signifying destiny and life's coincidences. Learn how it's used to convey luck or tactfully dodge personal questions

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単語 (Vocabulary)

運命(うんめい) fate, destiny
(つな)がり connection
曖昧(あいまい)な unclear, vague, ambiguous
()えない(ちから) invisible power
謙虚(けんきょ) modesty, humility
自慢(じまん)する to boast, to brag
念願(ねんがん)の long-desired
不思議(ふしぎ)な mysterious
間接的(かんせつてき) indirect
()()ける to feel hesitant

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever met someone while traveling that you felt 'En' connection with?

How do you express when you made a big purchase? Do you say "there was a go-en"?

What do you think about the benefits of speaking vaguely in Japanese?

What words or phrases do you use to hide the real reasons you don't want to express?

How do you deal with "busybody/meddlesome" people?

Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded) and Video Podcast

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