Cautionary Tales from Online Shopping: A Personal Experience #131

Cautionary Tales from Online Shopping: A Personal Experience #131
Photo by Brooke Lark / Unsplash

オンラインショッピングの失敗談 Clever tricks... Online Shopping Problems! Dive into a relatable story of an online shopping mishap. Discover the importance of reading the fine print and learn how to avoid similar pitfalls in the digital marketplace.

Silver Penguin+ Members: Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

単語 (Vocabulary)

買い物 (かいもの) - Shopping
経験 (けいけん) - Experience
サブスクリプション / サブスク - Subscription
洋服 (ようふく) - Clothing
レンタル - Rental
利用規約 (りようきやく) - Terms of Use
キャンセルポリシー - Cancellation Policy
契約 (けいやく) - Contract, Agreement
レビュー - Review
消費者 (しょうひしゃ) - Consumer
立場 (たちば) - Standpoint, Position
不満 (ふまん) - Dissatisfaction
注意 (ちゅうい) - Caution, Attention
表示 (ひょうじ) - Display, Indication
法律 (ほうりつ) - Law
購入 (こうにゅう) - Purchase
金額 (きんがく) - Amount of money

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Do you read reviews before subscribing to a service or purchasing a product online?

Have you ever had a bad experience with online shopping?

Have you used a subscription service? What kind was it?

Have you ever subscribed to a service without reading the terms of use or cancellation policy?

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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