City Lights and Urban Delights: A Fresh Perspective on Osaka #202

City Lights and Urban Delights: A Fresh Perspective on Osaka #202
Picture from my new digital nomad mate - as discussed in Podcast #203

Dive into the vibrant urban life of Osaka as I share my transition from the tranquility of Kagawa to the dynamic cityscape. From unique voice training to innovative 3D body scans, explore the convenience and challenges, including bustling crowds and the cost of city living.

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単語 (Vocabulary)

都会 (とかい) - City, urban
生活 (せいかつ) - Living, lifestyle
引っ越し (ひっこし) - Moving (house)
新鮮 (しんせん) - Fresh, new
交通 (こうつう) - Transportation
ユニーク - Unique
体験 (たいけん) - Experience
人混み (ひとごみ) - Crowd
物価 (ぶっか) - Prices, cost of living
デメリット- Disadvantage, downside

会話の話題 (Conversation Topics)

Have you ever felt bewildered when you moved out of your hometown and started living in a new place?

Is there a unique experience you'd like to try in the city? Please also tell me why.

What do you feel are the downsides of living in the city, or what downsides can you imagine? Please be specific.

How is the traffic situation in the area where you live?

Do you think you will be living in the city five years from now?

Understanding the Nuances of ”ばかり (ばっかり)” and Its Casual Form ”ばっか” in Japanese
We’ll explore the versatile Japanese expressions ”ばかり (ばっかり)” and its even more casual form ”ばっか.” These are handy tools for describing recent actions or events in a conversational setting!

In this episode, I mentioned that I had 'just moved.' This article introduces the usage and nuances of 'ばかり' as used in that context.

″レベチ” - The Japanese Slang for “Next Level”
Japanese slang: ”レベチ.” This term is widely used among Japanese youth and carries a meaning similar to the English phrase “Next Level or Be on Another Level”

my favorite cinema

ワコールsmart & try|3Dボディスキャナーで3D計測
ワコール独自の3Dボディスキャナーを用いた「smart & try(スマート&トライ)」のサービスをご案内します。

3D Body Scanner

Video Podcast and Japanese Transcripts (Furigana Included/Excluded)

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