Exploring Humor from Osaka to the Global Stage with Miku #187 #188

Exploring Humor from Osaka to the Global Stage with Miku #187 #188

関西・大阪出身のミクさんにお笑いやユーモアについて教えてもらいました!Delve into a captivating journey with Miku from Miku Real Japanese as we traverse from the heart of Kansai's distinctive humor to the global tapestry of comedic expressions.

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What does '邪魔(じゃま)するで' mean?

In the Kansai dialect, particularly in Osaka, '邪魔するで〜' is a friendly and informal way of saying 'お邪魔します.' This translates to 'Excuse me for intruding' and is commonly used when entering someone’s home.

What does '邪魔(じゃま)' mean in this context?

The term '邪魔' (jama) translates to 'to disturb' or 'to obstruct.' When someone is entering a home or a space in the Kansai region, especially in areas like Osaka, they might jokingly say '邪魔するで〜'. A playful retort to this could be '邪魔するなら帰って〜,' which literally means, 'If you're going to be in the way, go home.'

単語 (Vocabulary)

()()ちテスト - Surprise Test
吉本新喜劇(よしもとしんきげき) - Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki (A famous comedy theatre in Osaka)
ツッコミ - Straight-man (in a comedic duo) / Retort / Comeback
ボケる - To play the fool / To make a silly joke
すべる - To bomb (in a comedic sense) / To fail to get laughs
なんでやねん! - What the heck! (Kansai dialect expression showing disbelief or disagreement, often used humorously)
アホ - Fool / Silly (used affectionately in Kansai)
バカ - Stupid / Fool (more harsh than "Aho" in Kansai)
(わら)い - Comedy
ギャグ - Gag
(しも)ネタ(ねた) - Dirty Joke

Downloadable audio, video podcasts, and Japanese transcripts (with/without furigana).

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