Tech's Impact on Society

Tech's Impact on Society
Photo by Alex Knight / Unsplash

We explore the diverse impact of technology on daily life, covering areas such as healthcare, disaster prevention, entertainment, environmental protection, and education.

早期(そうき)発見(はっけん) early detection
治療法(ちりょうほう) treatment method
防災(ぼうさい)アプリ disaster prevention app
地震(じしん)センサー earthquake sensor
気象(きしょう)データ weather data
台風(たいふう)予報(よほう) typhoon forecast
ゲーム() gaming console
環境保護(かんきょうほご) environmental protection
太陽光(たいようこう)発電(はつでん) solar power generation
再生(さいせい)エネルギー renewable energy
オンライン学習(がくしゅう) online learning
デジタル教材(きょうざい) digital materials

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