On Five English Idioms and Their Comparable Japanese Counterparts

On Five English Idioms and Their Comparable Japanese Counterparts
Photo by mana5280 / Unsplash


ペンギンのみなさん、先日のライブ配信をご覧いただきありがとうございました。 この記事はその回のアーカイブです。とても面白いトピックだったので今後ポッドキャストのエピソードを作ろうかと検討中です! みなさんのよく使う慣用句はなんですか? 日本語の慣用句を知っていますか? ぜひ、ここにコメントしたり、日本人の友達に教えてあげて下さい。 今回紹介した慣用句は以下です。日本語での説明はペンギンサボテンさんがGoogle documentに書いてくれたのでぜひ読んでくださいね。

put the cart before the horse
when pigs fly
let the cat out of the bag
elephant in the room
throw the baby out with the bathwater

Dear penguin community, thank you for watching our recent live stream. This post serves as an archive of that session. We had such an interesting topic that we're considering turning it into a podcast episode in the future!

What are some idioms you frequently use? Do you know any in Japanese? Please feel free to comment below or share them with your Japanese friends. The idioms introduced this time are listed below. Penguin Cactus-san has kindly provided explanations in Japanese and English in a Google document, so make sure to give it a read.

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